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Real Milk

I just saw this commercial. I am now obsessed. I remember being that teenager. I can feel real sympathy for the parents now. The voice over makes Cher Lloyd's Swagger Jagger sound better, I think. 

This video is so much fun and totally is helping me burn time until my beloved Xabi's team plays tomorrow against Borussia Dortmond. Real Madrid has an injury problem that will complicate the line up tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how they compensate. I think he's suspended for the next La Liga game so this game will have to tide me over for a little while. Maybe DVR will be necessary. I want nothing more than to spend every waking hour kissing this face. 
      (Source: Emidio Tucci)    
And for his team to win. #halamadrid


I think I am like most Xabi Alonso fans and I imagine that on a Sunday night, he drinks exotic teas or aged scotch and reads Proust.  Nope. He's like everyone else and trolls YouTube for funny videos. 

This Tweet caught the "Xabi is always classy"-brigade off guard but it just makes him human. And that can only inspire more devotion.

   @XabiAlonso: Con este video llorando. http://t.co/XNsDTS1y [http://youtu.be/Uazm-GSlDV8]    

More of Xabi being perfect -- Thank you LaLiga TV for doing this in English!

Making Of Video - Thank You Tucci

Image at 1:10 is heaven. Speechless

[Long version]

[Short version]

Have Mercy

He is the life ruiner!



I don't know who I am more jealous of: Cristiano for getting stroked by Xabi or Xabi for getting that kiss on the neck from CR7. 

Saturday at Home

My cable provider surprised me. After weeks of watching streams of Real Madrid games with Arabic commentary, I now have Real Madrid (in fact all La Liga matches) on tap. Now for Ligue 1 and I will be happy. 

Xabi, Iker and Alvaro surprised fans at a store in Madrid at the launch of RM's green kit. Little girl at :59 who strokes Xabi's beard is the luckiest little girl in the world in that minute... and the fact he strokes her cheek after she strokes his is just (heart bursting) ... I love him. 

In Memoriam

The families of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough Tragedy can finally begin the road peace now that justice will be served. #JFT96

You Tube

Recommends Xabi Alonso-related videos.Thank you You Tube!

Love the part when he walks into the room!


Visiting my mother. Relaxing, eating and watching soccer and movies.

Watched Arsenal midfield spank Liverpool midfield (Sorry Stevie. Sorry Xabi).
Cazorla and Arteta are my absolute faves! 

Watched Real Madrid beat Granada. Xabi Alonso's 89% pass success rate in proper form.

Watched El Mariachi Trilogy. Remembered how much I loved Antonio Banderas.

Dreamt of Xabi Alonso in those tight black pants . . . . and singing this song: 

Funny how the mind works. 


Copper is an okay show. With all the hype, I think BBCA made too much of it. I wouldn't mind a set of those brass knuckles as a prop, in all honesty. 

Maybe I just don't have patience for much since Real Madrid and Arsenal are struggling at season opening. I think it's bizarre that my two favorite players: Xabi Alonso and Mikel Arteta grew up playing together.

Xabi & Mikel Kids then, and as pros  Xabi & Mikel grown

Although I am liking Cazorla at Arsenal and can't say enough about Sergio Ramos. These guys are my faves. I came across this article about Xabi and his father from his days at Liverpool, so sweet. I kind of need them to win these next couple games. I'm just saying. 

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